Is Football Too Dangerous Essay

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Is Football too Dangerous
Is football too dangerous? That is a question that a lot of parents ask themselves when their child wants to play football for school or a club. Football has been played for 138 years. The sport has evolved to help prevent head injuries by adding more gear, Making rules, and giving players a limit on how many concussions one player can have. Football is not too dangerous it should continue to be played across america.

The sport of Football has been evolving to help prevent head injuries in many ways one way that it tries to help prevent head injuries is by making a stronger helmet. When the sport first started playing with no helmets. but they later found out that without helmets there were too many people getting
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One way that football tries to prevent it is by adding rules and regulations to the sport that make it harder for a player to get a concussion. One rule they added is if a player loses their helmet in the middle of a play. The play is immediately whistled dead. Another rule that they added is no head to head contact. Head to head contact is one of the easiest ways to get a concussion. If two players have head to head contact in a play it will be whistled dead immediately. One other way that football tries to prevent concussions is by adding the penalty no targeting. If one player intentionally hits another player in the head with his helmet the player will not be allowed to play for the rest of the game.

The sport of football has been evolving to help prevent head injuries. One way that football tries to prevent that is by giving all players a concussion limit. Meaning that you can only get so many head injuries. The limit to how many concussions is 5. Once a player has 5 concussions they are not able to play any more full contact sports for the rest of their life. The limit was once higher but with the new technology they found out how dangerous concussions actually
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