Is Friar To Blame For Romeo And Juliet's Death

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At the end of the play, both Romeo and Juliet are dead. Their death are the result of many different events and decisions. The prohibited wedding of Romeo and Juliet couldn’t have happened without Friar Laurence. First of all , Friar stupidly agreed to marry Romeo and Juliet, even though he knew it will cause later problems. In the beginning, Friar shows that he has tiny ambition of their marriage to perhaps work even the tiniest bit. So , he decides to marry the two lovers. However, as time goes on, Friar has guilt on the marriage Friar senses that this whole wedding is happening extremely fast and starts to have many second thoughts. If Friar had thought this overriding decision clearly through when he actually had the chance, he may have been able to put to a stop to prevent a lot of future tragedies. …show more content…

Romeo, who was not informed of Friar's plan about Juliet and the potion, kills himself when he thinks that Juliet is dead, when she really isn't. Juliet arises and sees Romeo dead, and takes her own life. Friar is overcome by guilt and realizes that he has "a short date of breath." He says this because he realizes he is at to blame and he's being a coward about it. If Friar was not the reason for the two suicides he would have no reason for guilt. If Juliet listened to nurse and just stayed away from Romeo because of the families differences rather than become hyper with Friar Laurence. In that pressure Friar made the mistake of giving a horrible plan or terrible advice to Juliet about the portion she will drink and die for 48 hours. In all that planning Romeo never got the letter and Balthasar gave him the wrong news about Juliet that she is dead. Then when he actually saw Juliet “dead” he killed himself with poison. When Juliet finally awoke she then killed herself after seeing Romeo

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