Is George Justified In Of Mice And Men

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Lennie, a lighthearted and compassionate character, was suddenly killed by George, the person he considered his best friend. Now, we must ask ourselves; did George do the right thing? Lennie, killing Curley’s wife, would’ve spent the remainder of his life in misery, but was it morally correct of George to take his life? He would’ve had no break from the sights of a prison cell and the cold dark concrete walls, but was it considered manslaughter to kill a person of significance in your life? He would’ve had no rest from the constant illness of guilt that controlled not only his brain but, his life, but was it lawfully justified in a court setting? We must ask ourselves and evaluate our moral standings to consider what is right in this situation. …show more content…

In the book, we learn why George chooses to shoot Lennie. Although, George cares immensely for Lennie, George sees the consequences of Lennie’s actions and therefore, he is able to justify his actions not only because of the consequences but also, because loved and wanted to protect Lennie. However, if euthanasia would’ve been present in George’s actions then, perhaps, we would’ve noticed a different approach and reaction to what occurred. During this time period, acts of euthanasia would’ve been viewed incorrect; killing the innocent is believed to be an act of crime and injustice. This is able to be proven by the fact of religion, every religion has their own beliefs about death and how it is achieved. Most religions believe that God created life, so only he has the right to take it away. Whether George had been a religious person or not, it is evident that killing those who do not deserve it is still

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