World System Theory: The Three Theories Of Globalization

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1. What is globalization? When people of different countries interact with each other, through business or culture or any other means, by which they exchange information, or become acquainted with each other or trade with each other, it is called globalization. The world we live in has advanced significantly with the advent of technology. Consequently, this technology has contributed to the process of globalization. Nations are in contact with each other much faster than in the past. Television, computers and cellphones have shrunk the world. Globalization has been around for centuries, as can be seen by the trade routes that existed between the East and the West during the Middle Ages. China was connected to Europe through what was called…show more content…
Which of the three presented theories for the development of globalization do you most agree with and why? The three theories of globalization are the world system theory, the world polity theory and the world culture theory. Each of these theories have pros and cons, but I tend to lean more towards the world polity theory. Let me point out why. The world system theory is capitalistic in origin and it 's main purpose is to accumulate wealth for a few core nations at the expense of the rest of the world. For it to function properly it has to integrate with other nations, through agreements of trade, for it 's purpose to be accomplished. This system is currently portraying early signs of demise, and is in transition to a system of the new world order. The world culture theory is primarily focused on integrating the world into one super system. If you take into account the historical happenings of the tower of Babel, you can see that it was tried before, but failed tremendously. All nations were created different and with individual traits. That was for a reason. I believe that one cannot sweep all cultures under one umbrella and ignore their differences. It can never succeed. Already there is conflict in this approach of

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