'Is Google Making USupid?' By Nicholas Carr

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The 16 page essay, "Is Google making us stupid?", written by Nicholas Carr, persuades adults that the internet is messing with our cognitive thought. The essay was published in the July/August 2008 issue of the Atlantic. Carr 's structure is a long essay with no breaks and some pictures.
Technology is a big part in todays society. Carr has a strong belief that the internet is, for the most part, a negative aspect when it comes to learning. In a movie scene from A Space Odyssey, a supercomputer HAL thinks like a human. As HAL is being disconnected, he feels as if he is losing his mind. Carr is feeling the same way using the internet. He finds himself skimming through books and not reading like he used to. When reading something lengthy, Carr notices he loses focus because he knows that the internet is more convenient. Other people also notice that they lose focus easily due to spending a lot of time on their computers or
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Being very detailed on pen and paper switching to the typewriter made his writing very straight to the point. Carr relates this to how the internet is changing our style. Before the internet, people would have to spend hours studying and reading things deeply to understand it. People now use the internet as their tool because it requires less work. Secondly Frederick Winslow Taylor created a system with precise instructions to make jobs run more efficient. Based off of this, Google founders Brin and Larry Page have come up with something similar. They made it to where the internet runs so efficient that within seconds someone can find an answer. Efficiency is good, but instead of having to read something over and over, people rely on technology. Google wants the internet to work faster than the human brain. Carr is afraid of artificial intelligence because one day people might be overcome by a machine that will replace their
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