Is Google Making USupid By Nicholas Carr Analysis

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Are Advanced Technologies Make People Retrogress?
As technology improves every day, new developments are constantly infiltrating our lives. Whether it 's the way people search information by typing in the keywords, or how people communicate with friends by simply log in to Facebook, technology is transforming the way we behave. But are people reliant on these advanced technologies too much? We do not have waste time on a lot of reading. We can directly chat with friends in different regions on social media instead of using few weeks to mail a letter. People have gotten used to living with technology every day. From ordering food, shopping, searching for information and texting people online… All of these activities have proven that people depend
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Technology is making things was difficult into something as simple as clicking a button; however, this is making people too easy to access information. Nicholas Carr examines the consequences of people is growing dependency on technology in his essay Is Google Making Us Stupid? Carr argues Google is making it too easy for people to access information, which causes people not to think deeply about the information they are reading; therefore, the convenient technology has caused people to become stupid. Carr remarks that in the past, it was easier to reading a book or a long article. Carr…show more content…
The human brain does not treat this data seriously because those data did not give user strong impression when it receives it, which causes readers losing their patience while reading the unimportant information. People used to go through a lot of reading to get information that they wanted, they read, they analyze, they think, but now search engines quickly provided relevant information for them.
Some people think that search engines provide a fast way for people to get information and it will make everything more convenient. This idea is wrong because even though people obtain information more easily, they are getting too much information, more than they expect. There is are a lot of sources of information. But they may contain totally different ideas. Also, as readers get information faster, they spend less time reading it and are not willing to memorize it. Google is decreasing our ability to remember information because we can easily access the information
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