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Before reading the article by Nicholas Carr “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” I had already made my judgment based off the title alone. In my mind, like any other of this era, Google is a website used and meant to provide us with more information imaginable and could not be the cause of any of our “stupidity”. This article was predicted to be like any other article of an older generation writer telling us we, the new generation, are “poisoning our brains” with the internet. Upon reading, I have found that Carr holds some truth in his article as well as there are some claims I view to be false. The internet might be a tool, but the real perpetrator in “making us stupid” is no other than ourselves and the fight against time.
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More so the fear it portrays. The reader is left with the notion that technology does more harm than good. From experience, being born in an era of which I and technology grew together, the internet and technology has progressed society in many ways. Carr did say access to information is now quick and efficient, but it also does so much more that he fails to mention. Personally, I learn from this technology more than I have in the books any class has given me. We can now learn what news articles and history books do not want us to know. With reliable sources and facts, we can learn exactly what happened to those who died in the hands of police or the countries falling under their governments without the biased and discriminatory news outlets. We can learn about ourselves, in a society where gender and sexuality has progressed further than it ever has in history and validation could help someone. We can learn that through social media people from all around the world can connect and come together. Beyond the internet, there is fear that technology will take our jobs. Understandable, but there will always be a job …show more content…

Lastly, there is fear that so much technology will undermine our ethics and importance of the books. It all leads to the fear of progression. In the past the same fear of technology was being said about books. That the importance of dialogue would be forgotten in our heads. History is being repeated. Books are still one of the most important and progressive tools that has been created. For centuries, it has proven that its fear was nothing to actually be afraid of. Although we have today’s technology we still use lectures as a way of learning. I would assume that with more advance technology available we will still read from books. The fear is not technology itself, it is the fear of what we choose to do with it. Technology will not change or replace us as people unless we allow

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