Is Gun Control Effective In Reducing Crime Rate

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Topic: Gun Control is not Effective in Reducing Crime Rates.
General Statement/Attention-getter: In many Europe countries, Europeans used to own a gun. Undoubtedly, their government has also implemented gun control, a rule and regulation to control the abusing of guns cases.
However, there are still a lot of significantly crimes happening every single day. There must be a problem between gun control and crime.
Thesis Statement: In my opinion, gun control is not so effective in reducing crime rates. Here I am going to explain why gun control is not so effective.

Topic Sentence 1: First and foremost, crimes do not reduce even though gun control exists and this is because of
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Supporting detail: With gun control, the usage of the gun is being reduce. So that, the percentage to have crime with gun is being reduce too. Limited owners of guns in gun control also should be a very effective way to reduce the crime rates. Due to people have no right to own a gun, many firearm cases such as mass shooting, firearm robbery, and shooting in lost minded can be avoided.
Australia is a very successful example. Australia was not having a mass shooting since year 1996. Before that Australia had 13 mass shooting from 1979 to 1996 but there was none mass shooting in the next succeeding 19 years until 2015. The Port Arthur massacre in 1996 become a very big turning point for the conservative federal government implemented the new gun control laws. They also not hesitate to mandatory buyback the guns to substantially reduce the gun usage. So that, Australia was success in not happening mass shooting in their country in these 19 years through this gun
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Every country have a different of gun control law. We can’t expect that gun control can effective in reducing crime rates in every country.

Summarize/ Rephrase Thesis Statement: In a nutshell, gun control is not effective in reducing the crimes rates. Although Australia had success in gun control but there were still have the other reasons why gun control is not effective in reducing crime. Such as, the non-firearm crime, and the cause is from the owners not the guns.
Memorable end/ call for action/ recommendation: There are still many of crimes cases involving non-firearm robbery, human’s behaviour and the sentence never end even the gun has been banned. To put some effort in controlling the crimes, policemen or cops and the prosecutors should work in cooperation to make a big disintegration value of crimes cases in this world. So that, the world can become peaceful and every citizen can enjoy their life without the fear of the

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