Is Gun Control Good Or Bad

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Has gun control ever effectively reduced crime and violence? Many studies by multiple different institutes have evidence that shows that this has never been the case, in fact crime has dropped from the ‘60s to the present. Gun control has never and will never work as other countries have shown through their attempts with gun laws as well as the mounting number of shootings that is undaunted by any regulations the government can enact.
All throughout the 1960s, crime rates in the US were out of control and many people did not know where to turn. Finally in 1968, a man named Richard Nixon runs for president of the United States with a promise to end the domestic violence problem (Gillespie). Nixon was not as much of a liked man as he was a
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Pro gun control advocates believe that the second amendment (the right to bear arms) was only meant in the ideal of forming a militia for a common interest and this has since been outdated due to the creation of a central army. While anti-gun control supporters believe that the second amendment was given to everyone to protects themselves from many dangers they face. While many people may never know what the creators of the amendments meant by this, both sides will always feud, believing that the ideas from the opposing side is wrong (“Should”). This is all useless due to the simple fact that no law that bans gun use reduces the gun crime rate effectively (Davidson). The publisher, Robert Farago, of also believed this as he stated in an article about the San Bernardino shooting “No assault weapon ban, no gun violence restraining order, no ammunition magazine capacity law would have prevented the San Bernardino slaughter”(“should”). Finally in 2010, gun pressure was at an all time high on both sides when the ruling from the supreme court case, Mcdonald V. City of Chicago stated that owning a firearm is an individual's 2nd amendment right…show more content…
Some examples of this can be seen in the UK where gun control has heavily restricted the private ownership of guns. In order to obtain a rifle or shotgun, you must pass a very tedious police issued licensing process. Australia also has some gun laws to try and restrict gun use such as a gun buy back system in which the government pays anyone that is willing for the guns that they own in order to remove them from circulation. The United States has also tried this method before, but it did not work as most people either did not participate or did and sold their old guns in order to buy new ones
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