Is Hamlet Gone Mad Analysis

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In Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet proves many of times that he is truly going mad. Hamlet had a rough start in the beginning of the play with his father 's passing and with his mom moving on so quickly and marrying his uncle. It is understandable that Hamlet is not in the right state of mind with everything he has gone through and continues to go through during Shakespeare’s play. Hamlet sees his father, King Hamlet’s ghost and the ghost explains to Hamlet that Claudius was the one that murdered him. Hamlet must seek revenge for the murder of his father and he will do this at any cost. Hamlet must appear insane to fulfill his plan on murdering King Claudius. Hamlet, throughout the play convinces everyone around him that he is truly gone mad. Hamlet…show more content…
Hamlet was sent away to England by Claudius but Claudius had other plans. Hamlet was sent to England to be killed by the King as soon as he arrived but Hamlet found out from a letter he saw with Claudius intentions. Hamlet rewrote the letter and said to kill whoever delivers this letter without hesitation. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were the ones who were delivering the letter to the king upon Hamlets arrival but Hamlet never made it to England because a pirate ship attacked their boat and took Hamlet back to Denmark. This all leads up to Hamlet getting his revenge. Hamlet can finally put his plan into action now that he is back in the reach of Claudius. Claudius is told that Hamlet is back and that destroys Claudius’s plan to have Hamlet murdered so he needs a new plan. Laertes finds out that Hamlet was the one who killed his dad, Polonius which did not go well so now Claudius and Laertes are going to devise a plan to kill Hamlet. They are going to brag about Laertes being amazing at fence so obviously Hamlet is going to challenge him. Claudius will have poisoned wine ready as a backup if Laertes can’t hit Hamlet with the poisoned tip of his sword and Laertes has a sharp tip unlike Hamlet. Hamlet gets the first hit and Claudius eggs him on to take a sip of the wine but Hamlet is to focused on winning. This leads to Gertrude drinking the poisoned wine and Claudius realized what had happened. Therefore this leads to Claudius drinking the wine and dying and then Hamlet killing Laertes and Hamlet eventually dies too because he was hit with Laertes poisoned tip and he drinks the wine in the end. But the point of all of this is to get to the very end when Hamlet is dying. While Hamlet is dying Horatio mentions killing himself but Hamlet won’t let that happen he tells Horatio “If you ever held me in affection, don’t commit suicide, and suffer the pain of this harsh world to tell my story.” (5.2.359-362). This quote proves Hamlet has been in control of his sanity from
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