Is Hamlet Really Crazy Essay

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Hamlet is crazy.

Hey Mr. Howard are you going to read my essay or is the computer going to be the only thing. Well, either way I have to write it anyway so here it is. There are some moments in this play that I believe that Hamlet actually does slip into insanity. I also believe that he is only acting, but in some scenes I think that he is actually mad. These scenes are the to be or not to be speech in this speech I think that he is actually mad because he is talking like he does when he's mad but there is nobody else around. As well as the scene in his mother's bedroom where the ghost comes back but only he can see it before others could see it but now nobody else can. In this play Hamlet is trying to choose between Deontology and Teleology,
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In this scene Hamlet and Gertrude, his mother, are talking in her room, but then Hamlet saw his fathers ghost and got a little crazier than normal when around others, usually he acts crazy but I think in this scene he is crazy. I think that he is crazy because he is the only one who can see the ghost neither Polonius nor Gertrude could see it. Another reason he is crazy is that he sees things that no one else can see.

The last thing that I will talk about is whether or not Hamlet used Deontology or Teleology. In this play Hamlet used Deontology without even realizing it. In the beginning he was going to use teleology but then soon realized that it might be a trick and that he should do some investigating. Then in the end he finally realized that the spirit wasn't lying and that his uncle did do it. The reason that he is not insane is that he takes his time to kill his uncle.

To conclude this essay the reasons that I used to prove that Hamlet went crazy was that Hamlet started talking to himself in his crazy voice, another reason is that he was the only one who could see the ghost in the bedroom scene. A reason that he may not be crazy is that he takes the steps and then kills his uncle. Now to finish this essay I will leave you with a question that may take you a while to answer, are you crazy or are you just a "normal" person? As well as what is a normal
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