Is Hamlet Sane Or Insane Analysis

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Is young prince Hamlet sane or insane? That is the genuine question. He claims to "put an antic disposition on" but is it truly only act? This mystery will have the bare, pure truth unraveled. There will be evidence gathered. It will travel among piles of reasons to determine why Hamlet is insane.

Hamlet has slipped into insanity. Throughout the play, he shows symptoms of mental illness. He has impulsive behavior which King Claudius describes as erratic and uncontrollable. King Claudius sends Hamlet to England for an execution. This happens because of how mentally unstable Hamlet has become and is seen as a dangerous threat in Elsinore, Denmark. Hamlet takes all his anger caused by Gertrude out on Ophelia. He tells Ophelia to "get thee to a nunnery" and compares her to Queen Gertrude, his mother. Hamlet 's behavior confuses Ophelia and she begins to believe that Hamlet has gone mad. She cannot conclude whether Hamlet loves her or not. She receives countless mixed signals from Hamlet that it leave her scrambling for clues. At the play 's performance, Hamlet was …show more content…

In Hamlet 's soliloquy of "to be or not to be", he mentions an essential topic of existentialism. He is debating whether or not he should live. A sane person would not be questioning their own existence in that manner. The speech is spoken in verse which means that it is spoken in Hamlet 's sane self. The phrases spilling out of his mouth are not an act. In the speech, Hamlet interrogates himself with questions that sane people would not be able to answer themselves. Hamlet has been overwhelmed with the conflicts that have been occurring around him. The conflicts escort him to becoming easily pressured and desperate in finding a solution about the death of his father. He is very impatient to seek vengeance for his father and wants to kill King Claudius by any means at all. "To die, to sleep" is where Hamlet is discussing about his thoughts of suicide. It reveals a side of depression that Hamlet

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