Is Hamlet Truly Love Ophelia?

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In William Shakespeare 's play "The Tragedy of Hamlet" there are quite a few moments that raise questions as to whether Hamlet truly does love Ophelia or if he is just using her. At the start of the play, Hamlet is sending out mixed signals, one second he loves Ophelia then the next second he makes it seem as if he is just using her being rude to her and denying ever loving her. However, throughout the play it is proven that Hamlet is indeed truly in love with Ophelia after all. Hamlet 's love for Ophelia is shown in many ways throughout the play such as when they are alone together and greatly when Ophelia dies. Firstly, in act two scene two Polonius is speaking to Claudius and Gertrude about love note’s and poems wrote to his daughter Ophelia from Hamlet. These letters were given to Ophelia from Hamlet himself expressing his love for her. In one note Hamlet writes “doubt truth to be a liar, but never doubt I love”(II.ii 110). This quote shows Hamlet saying that he loves…show more content…
When Ophelia approaches Hamlet about the letters he gave her he denies even writing her any letters “no, no, not I never gave you aught” (III.i 90). Hamlet later admits to Ophelia “I did love you once” (III.i 110) but then contradicts himself by saying “I loved you not” (III.i 120). This scene raises questions about if Hamlet really loves Ophelia or if he 's just using her. Later in the scene it is made clear that Hamlet knew that Polonius and Claudius were watching him in order for them to see if Hamlet loved Ophelia or not so he just was acting like he did not love her so they would think they were wrong. Hamlet asks Ophelia where her father is to which she replies that he is home. Hamlet then says: “ let the doors be shut upon him, that he may play the fool nowhere but in’s own house”(III.i.132) proving that he knew Polonius was not
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