Is Homework Harmful Or Harmful

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Homework helpful or harmful Is Homework Helpful or Harmful? This question that many parents and students ask themselves every day. Many students complain about the amount of homework that is given to them.1 As many children as eleven-year-old Stevie Naeyaert in the research done by Alexa Stevenson, children suggest they don’t have enough socialization time.Have you ever been frustrated with homework, and not having enough socialization time? Many students believe too much homework blocks their social life.2 The topic of this essay is, Is Homework Helpful or Harmful? Homework is helpful, it decreases fights with parents. Also, homework increases mental ability in classrooms.Children are not doing homework affects themselves; one reason is if…show more content…
Children doing homework bring families closer together, according to the Harvard Graduate school of education.10 The Harvard Graduate School of Education states in 2001 the university reviewed research on parental involvement in children’s homework, and about 72% of parents are involved in the children 's education and homework.11 Joan M. T. Walker and Kathleen V. Hoover-Dempsey issued two types of test to two different groups of a parent to see which group was more successful and involved in the student’s education. The first group was monitored through the one month period to see if parents would set up a schedule and monitor children 's lifestyle. While the second group had the same test except the second group had responsible parents who took the time to set up schedules and rules for homework. Although on the other hand, group one was not very successful, the parents did not do any schedules nor rules. And that resulted in children 's laziness and students having a very small amount of motivation to end of the school year strong. But some parents are very organized and involved in the student 's education career, that type of attitude results in children doing great in school, and turning in homework on time.12 This information was found at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and studied by many college graduates and professors, as of…show more content…
Ph.D. But on the other hand, homework can decrease socialization time, create fights between parents, and cause stress.13 According to Occupy Therapy, homework decreasing socialization time is bad, because when a child is developing, it is just as important for them to have the time they need to socialize and work on those necessary skills. If the child is forced to go straight home and finish piles of homework, it disagrees with the skills of development as a teenager.14 Homework can create fights between parents because teachers were assigning homework forces a person to take an added disciplinary responsibility. The child should have the decision to come home and decide that they would rather watch television or play with friends than do their homework, it is up to the parent to lay down and expect the child to finish the homework.According to the Occupy Therapy, homework can cause stress because, a Stanford researcher found that students in high-achieving communities who spend too much time on homework experience more stress, physical health problems, a lack of balance and even alienation from society.15 In Conclusion, Homework is helpful because it increases mental abilities in classrooms, but on the other hand, children don 't get enough socialization time.The Pros of students doing homework are bringing Teachers and Students to work together, Teaches Students how to be responsible, and brings families closer together with each other.However, homework can decrease
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