Is Huck Finn A Dynamic Character Analysis

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Huck Finn

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was written by Mark Twain in the 1880s after the Civil War. The story takes place before the civil war in the 1830s in Southern America. Huckleberry Finn is the narrator telling his story of helping a slave find freedom along side himself escaping his abusive father. In the beginning Huck is a poor boy living with out a mother and a father that doesn 't care. He goes on adventures with his unrealistic friend Tom. Throughout the book, Huck protects Jim a slave as they travel on the Mississippi River, and by the end of the story he transforms himself into a mature boy that now can make decisions for himself. Huck learns to come to make mature resolutions based on what he feels is right. Huck is not only the narrator but he is a major character in the book. Throughout the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Huck is maturing and transforming. Toward the beginning of the novel he would pull pranks with his best friend Tom who isn 't realistic at all. Huck is an example of a dynamic character because when he was on his journey with Jim he developed into a much more grown up version of himself. Learning to make decisions based on his morals. Tom brought out immature emotions in Huck and they acted like kids. Tom brought out characteristics in Huck. Huck is much more practical than Tom. Tom makes situations more complicated. Tom compares things to stories and Huck sees things as they are. "I reckoned he believed in the Arabs and the

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