Is Human Nature Bad Essay

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Did you know studies have shown that people tend to act more decently when they are under the impression of being observed? This suggests that human nature is more bad than good in general. Over the decades, various philosophers such as Jean Jacques Rousseau and Thomas Hobbes have argued over the nature of humanity. Though this question remains unanswered, there is paramount evidence throughout history to suggest human beings are inherently malicious and immoral. The purpose of this essay is to portray my different views on why I agree with Xunzi on human nature being bad. By taking examples of historical events, views of philosophers and various research studies, this essay will provide valuable insight into the vile behavior of most human beings, while taking into account contesting arguments. Since…show more content…
Babies at first glance seem cooperative and innocent, which no inclination to do bad or selfish things. This assumption has however been refuted by researchers who have analyzed the behavior of babies. This analysis suggests that babies, even before learning to walk or talk, learn to lie and seek attention. Studies have also shown that babies are easily bribed. From personal experience, I bribe my niece many times to stop her from crying. Moreover, now she expects to be bribed with toys or ice cream every time she sees me. Videos of myself as a baby show how I was always up to no good. Each time I was unattended, I would shriek until someone came and picked me up. Even if this cannot be categorized as evil, what one can infer is the selfish behavior even of newborns. This behavior is yet again linked to their survival instinct. Thus, though it may be valid to think of babies as pure and innocent, babies too act in a manner to ensure their survival and are far from
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