Is Identity Fixed

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Is Identity Fixed

Your identity is what makes you, you. Your identity is how people see you and how you life your life. For example if you spend your life killing people you are a serial killer. If you are a teacher and people view you as mean, then people think you 're a mean person who lives their life making kids lives miserable. All in all identity changes when you change how you and others view you as a person. I will demonstrate this by telling you about four celebrities who have shown change in their lives. The first person is Mike Tyson.

Mike grew up shy, weak and afraid. His family was poor and he lived in an apartment building with his mother and father. He would use his allowance to buy pigeons, kids would make fun
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Her Identity has changed over time. She started out singing gospel in church, then high school came and she changed, from church girl to spunky girl who hangs out with anyone from the jocks to the mathletes to the wannabe rappers. As said in “Her friend introduced her to the music of queen” This changed her she was inspered by his clothes, his voice, and how he performed. From then on she began singing pop music, she went from church girl to pop rock girl. She then went on to perform with rappers and other pop singers alike and became who she now is today. Tiger woods is somewhat similar with starting small and going big except he let things go to his…show more content…
In his early life Macklemore , “...was influenced by the likes of hip-hop groups Kris Kross and Digital Underground as well as pop superstar Michael Jackson.” as said by Macklemore attended a musical school where he developed an alcohol and drug addiction. He then went to rehab and started taking steps towards being sober. He then started rapping. He recorded music at his parents house and turned down record labels. He met a man named Ryan lewis who produced music and they made their own label. They now speak out against hate and inequality while also making fun songs for people to enjoy. Over time he went from a hopeless druggy to a inspirational rapper who people look up
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