Is India A Developing Country, Is India Developed?

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India is a developing country. In fact, India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. But it is a fact that the speed of development is not as good when compared to the other countries that are already developed and that are much superior than India. There are many reason behind the lack in the development criteria of India. Most of the people realize that India is very slow in development but they don 't focus on what to be done in order to make India a developed country.Why is our country still a "developing country", when a lot of countries(South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, etc., to name a few) around us that were poorer than us became very rich and developed? The youth of India today lives in a society defined by multiple languages, religions, ethnicities and political thought, among other things. Yet they define their own generation, which is starkly different from their fathers and grandfathers. This puts them in a unique position to take their country towards positive growth and development.
So when we ask what is wrong with Indian politics, you have to first acknowledge what is right about it. After all, after 70 years since Independence, Indian politics and democracy is alive and vibrant. It becomes even more relevant when we take into account the sheer geographical size of the country and diversity of its people, culture, religion and lifestyle. To get all of that to come together and give people the freedom to choose their voice, can only

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