Is It Better To Lie To Get Out Of Trouble

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Is lying that big of a deal? When it comes to lying everyone will argue that it 's either bad or good depending on the situation. One major question being asked is "Is it better to lie to get out of trouble than to tell the truth?" I am a strong advocate when it comes to lying to protect yourself from dangers and trouble. Of course, everything depends on certain situations, but if permitted, like the common phrase goes "gotta do what you gotta do" and if that means lying to save your ass then I say why not. Ask anyone you know including yourself, if they or you have ever had to tell a small fib to get out of something they didn 't want to be a part of. Based on personal experience, I can 100% guarantee you that they will say yes and if they say no, what makes you think that they 're not lying about that? As humans, lying has been embedded into our DNA and is inevitable. Take Tituba for example, innocent of witchcraft, but still accused of consorting with the Devil, had to lie her way out of being beaten and hanged; "Modern consensus is that she confessed to make the beatings stop" (Cellania 2). If my life was on the line in the fervor of the moment I surely would believe that lying…show more content…
It can be argued that the other 20% is lying in order to protect whatever noninfamous reputation that they might have. People have been stretching the truth since the dawn of time so it 's hard to believe that someone faced with a troubling situation wouldn 't lie in order to get out of negative consequences. Take children for example, after doing something they know they shouldn 't have and being caught they lie to get out of being punished. You can see clearly in The Crucible that this has been used by the children of the play and many others; "Now look you, if they be questioning us tell them we danced" (Miller 1137). These are words of Abigail Williams, one of the many people in this play to lie to avoid being

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