Is It Just Me Summary

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Is It Just Me? By Miranda Hart The book "Is it just me" by Miranda Hart has a fundamental characteristic in a book conversing with herself at eighteen. It tells two different perspectives of both Miranda's and adolescent. It is a book that tackle many different situations in life that will surely help the reader face his/her life challenges. The book written by Miranda Hart motivates the readers to don’t give up easily on their life. The book is composed of eighteen different exciting chapters. The category of this book is a diary which the writer record her events and experiences. Is it just me? It takes a glance toward the hazards and pitfalls about an aggregation to the cutting edge and parts including exercise, diets, music and weddings, and Miranda make an amusing and irresistibly…show more content…
She hates going to get her hair cut and identified with every word she spoke on that topic. I find that my stance matches hers when it comes to traveling. It's comedic. I loved it. I am proud to say that I have a wealth of awkward experiences from school days as a friend and a student. Miranda’s book was funny and appealing and full of surprise comic ideas. Unlike most comedians, she can actually write and share her experiences. Miranda thinks of the awkward experiences she has experienced over the years and gives her unique thoughts and advice on dealing with them. Is it just me? By Miranda Hart was the funniest book I’ve read so far. And I am sure that the reader of this book will enjoy it and anyone who is looking for advice in life, it is really a great book to read on. In a rate of 1-5, I gave this book a 5 shining star because for me it was a great book. The most important thing of it is that, it is full of inspirational content that will surely help the reader in his/her
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