Is It Ok To Junk Food Into The Movies Analysis

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Yuck! Someone next to you opens a tuna sandwich. You want to leave the smell it that bad. In the article from Scope ,“Is it Ok to Sneak Food Into the Movies?” by Justin O’Neill, shows the controversial opinions whether or not Bringing food into the movie theater is acceptable or not. It shouldn't be allowed because it is not fair to the people in the movies, it is against the rules, and it can cause ticket prices to increase.
First, bringing food into the movie theater is unacceptable because it is not fair to the people in the movies. Many people who bring food into the theater usually bring a meal. Which people get annoyed by because it's just not right. The odor of food can smell the whole theater up. Many people go to a theater to watch a movie, but if you are eating homemade food around others it could annoy them as well as everyone else watching. An example from the article by Scope, “ Just as the lights dim, you catch a whiff of……..tuna fish?! You twist your neck, searching for the culprit. Then you spot him: A couple rows back, some guy is chowing down on a homemade sandwich”. This quote shows how one sandwich can disturb you even from far away.
Second, it is against the rules. Breaking rules can lead to serious consequences for example you could
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Theaters are in the business of selling things and advertising and that's how they make their money. For example, if the people started bringing in their own food the movie theater wouldn't have enough to pay the staff and expenses. So they would have to raise movie ticket prices and have more Ads. They don’t allow us to bring food so they don’t have raise prices. In the article from Scope,” If consumers stopped buying food, owners would have to raise ticket prices even higher.” This quote means that if people stopped buying food, then the owners will start raising the prices for the tickets because they won’t be making enough money to pay
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