Is Jane Addams A Hero

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Jane Addams How would you imagine your hero? A hero to me would be someone who puts other’s needs before their own. For example, someone who gives a homeless person their jacket when it’s 25 degrees outside is a hero. Another example would be someone who has courage, meaning that they are brave enough to do what others won't, like Rosa Parks; she stood up for everyone who was treated unfairly even though she knew the possible consequences of her actions. My hero would also be someone who is caring and helpful in little ways like helping an older person carry their bags to their car or walking your neighbor's dog when they are too busy to do so. My mom, having all these characteristics, is my hero because she goes to work every day to make …show more content…

In 1860, Jane was born into a family of mostly boys. With her mother dying when she was 2, her father pushed her to get a good education. Jane, being determined to please her dad, she graduated the top of her class at Rockford University in 1881 (“ Laura Jane Addams”). In college, she found her passion for helping others and entered Women’s Medical College of Philadelphia. Sadly, she became ill and had to leave the school to recover. After Addams regained her health, she fell into a depression before realizing she didn’t have to become a doctor to help others. So she started off by helping her stepmother who also fell ill. When she was sure he step mother was in good health, she decided to move to Europe and get a better education. There in London, is where Addams found the inspiration for her career at Toynbee Hall (“Jane Addams.” Dictionary of American …show more content…

Addams, being inspired by Toynbee Hall, went home and immediately started to work on her own settlement house for young women. Addams and her best friend, Ellen Starr, spent almost a half a year looking for the perfect place in an overcrowded Chicago City. Addams and Starr finally opened the doors to, what they called, Hull House on September 18, 1889. It was successful, so successful that by the second year, Hull House was the host to thousands of people every week. Hull House soon had 13 buildings filled with college level courses, kindergarten classes, a gymnasium, theater, etc, which was open to the poor, immigrants and young adult struggling with housing and finding a job (“Jane Addams.” Gay and Lesbian Biography). Jane Addams was not only successful with Hull House, but also founded in organizations like the Women’s Peace Party( which aided in the ending the World War I), the Immigrant Protection Program (a program to prevent the exploitation of immigrants), The NAACP, (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) and many more. All these accomplishments lead her to be the first women to accept the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931 (“Jane Addams.” Dictionary of American

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