Is John Proctor A Hero Essay

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Not many people have heard of a selfish hero. With the current American Literature educational plan, this can come as a surprise to those who saw John Proctor, a character in Arthur Miller’s play “The Crucible”, as a selfish hero. A hero can never be purely good, and bad mistakes are made everywhere. Flaws and misjudgments are made constantly, with every hero one can see or read about. John Proctor was a very important character in “The Crucible” and one of the reasons as to why would be his accusation against the “afflicted children” and a direct accusation towards Abigail Williams. In the end, John Proctor was hanged. While John had good intention, in the long run, John was a selfish hero.
John’s intentions were forged by a good heart and strong beliefs. Mr. Proctor took these intentions, beliefs, and durner, evidence, to the court. In court, John stood with Mary Williams to accuse the “afflicted children” of pretense, which means to pretend. With this accusation, he hopes to save Elizabeth Proctor who was his wife and other innocent people who were accused of witchcraft. His first hope of
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Choices can be bad, to worse. It is never as black and white as it may seem when it comes to choices, and for that, one cannot wish anything sour to those who chose a path that felt best in a situation. John died a hero for trying to save those falsely accused, and trying to prove that the girls were lying, though that has never been proven and is merely a theory. With that, John also died a selfish man for leaving behind his wife and children for nothing but a name. One can conclude that John can easily be assumed as a selfish hero, like many people in stories and people currently walking the earth. There is no pure hero, as everyone has to make a choice between bad and worse at some point. Keep the story of John Proctor in mind, and remember that even heroes have
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