Is John Proctor A Tragic Hero In The Crucible

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John Proctor is not a tragic hero in the beginning of the story because he lied to his wife about Abigail, but towards the end of the book he realizes the mistakes he has made and he wants to make a change. He wants to stop lying to himself and to others, even if it ends in a tragedy. John Proctor does not qualify as a tragic hero because he broke laws by having an affair with Abigail Williams behind his wife’s back. When his wife, Elizabeth, confronts him about Abigail and his affair, John lies to her face. This lying continues throughout the whole story. For example, in the beginning of the book John and Elizabeth were having a conversation about how Abigail wanted Elizabeth to go to court. John told Elizabeth, that he and Abigail were alone and that he had proof that the girl’s a saint now and he thinks it will be easy to prove she is a fraud. After that…show more content…
John Procter wanted to sign his name because he just wanted to end the “war.” but he also did not want to say anyone’s name. He ends up signing his name and when he finishes, he realizes that he no longer cares and he doesn't care if he dies. John ripped the paper in half and that one action resulted in his death. However John Proctor is a tragic hero because of the two major decisions he made in his life, even if he ended up being hung. Going back to the third paragraph, John knew he was going to be in a lot of trouble for having an affair with Abigail. But he did not care anymore, he wanted to stop lying to himself and to everyone else. In the 4th paragraph John wanted to end things with the witches and he did not care if he was going to die. Not just that, John was also a man who was really Christian and he would always help out with the
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