Is John Proctor Honorable In The Crucible

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In Arthur Miller's Play The Crucible, the author depicts the lies and anger that causes people to accuse each other of a deadly crime. The people of Salem not only believe in witchcraft but base their lives around it. This forces people to admit to being a witch or be hanged. In the end scene before his death, John Proctor rips up the paper that can come between him and death. This was a believable act the was both extremely noble and honorable.
When John Proctor rips up the paper at the end of the play it shows that he is very honorable. This shows honor because he will not tell a huge lie just to save his life. “It is evil is it not? It is evil”(Miller 4.539-540). Proctor realizes that if he lies and admits to witchcraft that it is an evil act that will only make things worst for him and his family. He is also honorable because he will not have his name written on the church door. If his name it posted it will only give the people of Salem a bad example. Lastly, with refusing to write his name, Proctor is standing up for the people who were wrongly
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Its believable because he knows it was the right thing to do. “Because I lie and sign myself to lies”(Miller 4.727). Proctor can barely handle the thought of signing his name in a permanent lie that will affect him forever. The act of ripping up the thing that will save his life is also very believable because he wants to prove to elizabeth that he regrets his affair. John can never forgive himself for what he did to Elizabeth so he feel that when he rips the paper Elizabeth with truly forgive him. He wants her to forgive her instead of holding a grudge on him forever. Lastly this is a believable act because John Proctor is a strong man who stands by what he believes in. we know that john is very against the Witch Trials. If he were to admit to witchcraft it would be against everything that he believes and thinks is
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