Is Johnny A Hero Essay

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Wild, young, brave, and courageous heroes have done something to risk their lives for other people. There are superheroes you see in movies, heroes that fight aliens, and ones that fight bad guys. Have you been a hero? Have you put your life on the line for someone else? Well, Ponyboy, Dally, and Johnny have done just that. My definition of a hero is an imperfect person that risks something or someone to help out another person, and is brave, courageous, and strong. All three characters have shown heroic acts and even lost their own lives because of it. Even though that Dally didn’t get recognized for a hero when he died, I know that he was one, not a Juvenile Delinquent that got shot. There are also various reasons why Ponyboy and Johnny were heroes too. Johnny was one of the biggest heroes in this book, even though he made some mistakes. Johnny is imperfect, but he lost his life to do the most heroic thing in the whole book. Instead of watching Ponyboy get almost killed, he had to save him somehow. Yes, he stabbed Bob, but that didn’t make him not a hero because he did something that saved other people’s life and risked his own. He knew he had to do something instead of just watching those innocent children burn down in a fre. So, Johnny does meet the needs of a hero because obviously he is…show more content…
The definition of a hero is different to many people, but those three characters matched up with mine as a true hero. Johnny died because he saved kids lives that he claims were “worth more than his”. Dally died fearless, heroic, and strong. He could not live without Johnny becuase he was the only one who understood how it’s like to have no family at all, and Dally had to witness him die right in front of his face. The most important thing is, that they both died a HERO, and Ponyboy will continue living as one. Will you match up to be a hero like Johnny, Ponyboy, and
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