Is Justice Fair In Literature And Justice

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Is justice fair? A question presented many times throughout history, and people have always had contradicting opinions. Although people all argue whether or not it’s fair, they can all agree that justice is important. Justice is a theme present in many forms of literature and media, but what people don’t realize is that the only reason people value justice for its ability to make them look good. People only value justice or morality when they can be scrutinized. With that being said I still believe Justice is a predominant and important theme or value to follow in life. Firstly I want to elaborate on the point that justice is just a social construct for people when being scrutinized under society. People have talked about this idea through history and it is especially present in a greek fable called The Ring of Gyges. This story is about a man who finds a ring that makes him invisible, and then he proceeds to do immoral things and takes the throne from the king by murdering him. The entirety of this story’s meaning is that people only follow the morals of justice when being watched by their peers or society. This idea can also be seen in the show Death Note, and it also deals with the idea of people doing things they would never do if other people knew about it. I completely agree with this statement because when you realize it, if people didn’t get punished, and or judged, they would run around doing whatever they wanted. This leads to my next point. Justice is important
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