Is Lady Capulet To Blame For The Death Of Romeo And Juliet?

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When lovers die, people get curious and ask questions. Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare is a story about two star-crossed lovers who end up committing suicide. At the end, the prince wants to find out who is most responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Lady Capulet and Friar Lawrence both are to reproach for the death of Romeo and Juliet, but the Capulet-Montague feud is the most to blame. Lady Capulet is partially to blame for Romeo and Juliet’s deaths. First of all, Lady Capulet shouldn’t have put that much pressure on Juliet to get married because Juliet is a young teen and just because Juliet’s mother married at an early age doesn’t mean she has to (Doc B). Even worse, Lady Capulet is forcing Juliet to marry Paris on Thursday
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