Is Lady Macbeth A True Villain?

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During the story of The Tragedy of Macbeth by William Shakespeare, there is a major debate over who the real villain Lady Macbeth is or Macbeth himself. “A villain is a cruelly Malicious person who is involved in or devoted to wickedness or crimes; scoundrel” as defined by the online dictionary. By this definition it describes Macbeth rather than Lady Macbeth since he actually commits crimes. In the beginning when Macbeth visits the three weird sisters they give him three predictions. After the first prediction is proven to be true Macbeth begin manipulating a plan to make his next prediction: which is that he will become king, come true. This is the first sign of true villainy as when Lady Macbeth suggests killing King Duncan he considers it. As he is battling whether to do it or not he says, “If good, why do I yield to that suggestion/ Whose horrid image doth untie my hair/ And make my seated heart knock at my ribs” (1.3.134-136), explaining that even he believes deep down he is not as good as he once believed. After Duncan is murdered and Macbeth is officially the king he begins thinking about the third prediction: Banquo will give birth to kings. In 3.1.60-69, Macbeth becomes angry now that he realizes that he may now be king but his rule…show more content…
In 1.5.37-51, Lady Macbeth is begging spirits to take her feminine weakness to allow her to kill Duncan herself. Although when given the opportunity to do the deed herself she cries, “Had he not resembled/ my father as he slept, I had done't”, showing she does have feelings and emotions as a villain would have killed him no matter who he resembles. In the end Lady Macbeth's guilt get the best of her and she takes her own life. Villains do not often feel guilt so her taking her life shows she had some goodness left in her. This is why Macbeth, who had no remorse for the people he murdered, is the true
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