Four Styles Of Leadership Style

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Within the early years settings, ‘leadership’ and ‘management’ are two terms that are particularly used interchangeably (Miller & Cable, 2011). The authors assert that this situation is not helpful, creates confusion and that this misunderstanding is even spread across other professional disciplines. A leader is a person that leads others to empower them and develop others while a manager is the one that makes sure everything run smoothly in an organisation, they “manage functions, processes and people” (Rodd, 2013). Furthermore, leadership can be the way in which people use their personal characters qualities and attitudes, learned behaviours and experiences to maximise your performance of your team (Miller & Cable, 2011). However, in practice,…show more content…
In this assignment four basic leadership styles will be discussed. The four basic styles are autocratic, democratic, Bureaucratic and laissez- faire leadership. Leadership style is when someone takes ownership to inspire others to achieve or reach goals (Career2NextOrbit, 2017). Autocratic style enable manager to make decisions without their team. They control their staff and force them to do their will and they do not allow their team to make contributions. This style can hinder staff ideas that may be beneficial for the setting but in the hand, it can be helpful in other situation such as where finance is involve. Democratic leaders enable their team to make contribution but they make the final decision. This leadership style inspires teamwork and motivate them to do their best. This enables staff to nurture and develop skills - why is this important in the workplace? Bureaucratic leaders “manage by the book”, they focus on job to be by policies and procedures. Laissez faire leaders allow their staff to do without supervision. They do not check whether the job is done to the standard of the organisation. This can lead to poor productivity and affect children to left

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