Is Listening More Important Than Trying To Persuade Others Essay

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The question “Is listening more important than speaking when you are trying to persuade others?” suggests that persuasion is ability consisting of various aspects. In other words, understanding and appreciating others’ positions is the first step in persuading people to accept yours. In my opinion, the ability to comprehend others perspectives is essential towards persuading others. Throughout society and life, the evidence to support my viewpoint is pervasive. Consider the case of Winston Churchill, a British statesman in the 1940s who rallied the British people in the midst of world war 2 from the brink of defeat to glorious victory. Churchill brought Britain out of near defeat by cooperating with government officials and forming a coalition of leaders. He worked to collaborate with world officials to create an effective strategy to eventually end WW2 while still impacting world affairs well after the war. He once said, “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen”. By listening to others perspectives could he persuade them into joining his team and ending World War 2. Also take into consideration Bill Clinton, an american democrat and forty-second president of the United states. Bill Clinton strived to cut bureaucracy, fight crime, improve the economy as well as protect…show more content…
He won the vast majority of his battles, building a considerable empire that ruled over continental Europe before its collapse in 1815. Napoleon Bonaparte was significant figure in the French revolution because of his persuasive, effective, poise as well as his strong charisma. Bonaparte listened to others in order to gain others respect as their leader, eventually becoming the emperor of a
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