Is Lying Ever Justified

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Is Lying Acceptable?

A lot of people can think that lying is never justified, but can be when needed in important situations. Lying to protect someone’s feeling from being hurt can be used in a right way even when protecting someone’s life. In addition, lying can be useful and needy when used in a justified way. Lying can be justified when protecting others and not always unjustified. One point that supports the idea is that lying can protect from someone’s feelings being hurt. “Lies to protect others, or “I love you’re dress.”” (Gray, 1992) This example can be persuasive towards the thesis because it shows that when saying something nice that you do not mean, can keep the person’s feelings good without them feeling depressed. The evidence also shows that by instead of saying your
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In an interview, Barbara Ballinger told an example that Brad Blanton had given which is hiding Anne Frank from the Nazis because her life is danger. Brad Blanton’s example can be persuasive because he has a really good point in protecting somebody’s life when it is danger. His example also shows that lying can sometimes save lives and how it can be justified in the situation. Overall, lying can be justified for many reasons and not always unjustified. One counterargument that is against the statement is that %52 of people that have took the AP-Ipsos poll think lying is never justified. “65 percent of those questioned said it was OK to lie to avoid hurting someone’s feelings,”(NBC News, 2006) The thing that is wrong with the argument is that %52 of those people never thought that lying can be justified in some occasions. The evidence provided can break up the argument because more than half of the people that were questioned agreed that lying can be justified. In conclusion, there can be many good and true to make lying a good thing and not a bad
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