Is Macbeth A Hero Or A Villain Analysis

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In the story of Macbeth, we will see a lot of evil deeds and a lot of wrong doing. This type of literature is considered a tragic story. The writer is going to show the reader Macbeth’s true character in this story. By showing us Macbeth for who he truly is, Shakespeare will also reveal to us whether or not the character Macbeth would be considered a tragic hero or a Villain? So the question we should be asking ourselves here is, just because you’re considered a good person by everyone 's standards and do good deeds does that make you a tragic hero or could you still be a villain? There 's also the opposite question, just because you kill someone or do something that you know is wrong does that make you a villain or is there still a chance that you could be a tragic hero? Which will our Macbeth be? The writer is going to start with saying that he believes Macbeth is a tragic hero. Before we continue “Tragedy…show more content…
In the writer 's opinion Macbeth is a good guy and is not capable of the bad things he is doing. He is just getting pressured into doing wrong. For most of the time villains are always evil and are doing wrong without other people making them do it. Macbeth is being convinced to do all of these things and he is not coming up with the ideas on his own. He is a puppet in his own life. Even though he is in his own body, he is not controlling the things that he is doing. He is letting other people influence him to do wrong unlike what is considered a real villain would do. Before the writer continues on he is going to show the reader some examples of why Macbeth can still be a tragic hero. Some other characters that played a tragic hero are Oedipus, in “Oedipus Rex.” He struggles against the forces of his fate and pitiable due to his weakness, which arouses fear in the audience. Another example of a tragic hero is Romeo, from “Romeo and Juliet.” His actions and choices bring his downfall and eventually cause death. These are some examples of tragic heros like

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