Is Man Born Evil In The Social Contract By Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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In the 18th century, Genevan philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau influenced the French Revolution through his ideas and principals. In his book, The Social Contract, Rousseau said that every man is born good until corrupted by society. Rousseau was correct in saying that people were born good, people were naturally born with a pure heart because God made us that way. However, one could argue that man is born evil based off of the perspective of society’s moral laws, which Rousseau may not have considered. Man is born evil because every human being is born with a desire for possession and a hunger for power. Firstly, man is born evil because society shows him to be evil. An example of this is how parents must raise their child to be good. A parent never has to raise their child to do bad things. A young child might draw on the wall and believe that it is art, however the parent will stop the child and tell them that drawing on the wall is a bad thing to do. Children are told that drawing on the wall is a bad thing to do because in the eyes of society, it is bad. Nonetheless, a child never has to be told to write on the wall for them to do …show more content…

Jean Jaques Rousseau was partially correct in his statement that all are born good, however, society creates images of bad people. Man is born evil because of his desire for possession and hunger for power, shown throughout current events and recent news. The absence of guidance shows that man does not need bad influence in order to be bad, but needs good influence to be good. The book Lord of the Flies by William Golding illustrates the characteristics of evil very well. Golding illustrates the chaos on the island through the actions of the boys and their digression from civilization. Is man evil by nature, or is man evil because of the way they were raised? Though many disagree, man is born with evil in the eyes of society. This is why there is evil in the world and why there is war among

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