Marriage Is Hard Work

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Marriage: Hard work, but worth it Marriage, according to merriam-webster, is defined as “the state of being united as spouses in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law.” I believe the definition is a little different than that. I believe that marriage can be described as a union between two adults who love each other and want to be together. Everyone has their own views on marriage. Not everyone’s view point is the same though. I believe in marriage and hope to marry my boyfriend some day. I also believe people should get married for the right reasons. Every relationship needs to have the following aspects to make a marriage work: love, trust, commitment, communication, and willingness to compromise. There are factors…show more content…
In a marriage like that it is very hard to love and trust the person you are marrying. You do not know who they are, its your family arranging the marriage. Not only can it be bad for the relationship but it can also take a toll on the child’s mind. In the article “Nepal's Child Grooms Suffer in Physical, Emotional Ways,” written by Shashank Bengali, he discusses the topic of child grooms in Nepal and how getting married at such a young age can affect the child emotionally and physically. Children in this country are getting married at the of 9. After the boys are married they are expected to fulfill their duties as husbands, even if they are not ready for it or want it. Not only the boys felt pressured but also their young brides felt pressured as well. The bride to be of the 9-year-old also felt pressured. “Like many young brides, the girl felt she had to bear children to cement her place in her in-laws' home.” (Bengali) Having to do these things at a young age can take a major toll on the children when they get older. In another article titled “Child brides sold for cows: the price of being a girl in South Sudan,” written by Robyn Dixon, she talks about child brides in South Sudan and how they are sold for cows. Young brides are pretty much sold by their parents for cows, which is a kind of currency they can use. When there are things such as the above going on, it is almost impossible to form a good relationship with the person you marry/married. There is no trust, there is no love. In the article written by Bengali, he discusses how the 9-year-old groom’s bride would flirt with other boys in the village while he was away. “The marriage broke up within a year.” (Bengali) This shows that not only is child marriage harmful, but it is not made to last. Child marriage should be discouraged and prohibited. By doing so, it would help a child to not suffer mentally
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