Is Mcdonald's Hamb Burgers Safe To Eat?

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Question: Is Mcdonald’s hamburgers safe to eat?

Hypothesis: Mcdonald 's hamburger meat contains bacterias that are harmful to the human body.

Test the Hypothesis

•We can test Mcdonald’s hamburger meat for bacteria. If we find bacterias in the meat we should identify what type of bacteria it is, and what effect does it have on the human body.

•We also could have observe someone that has eaten a hamburger from Mcdonalds, and see if there are any changes in the stomach or other organs.


a.) If Mcdonald 's hamburgers contain harmful bacterias then we should see that Mcdonald’s hamburgers have a bad affect on the human body.

b.) If Mcdonald’s hamburgers does not contain harmful bacteria then the hamburgers will have no
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