Is Mcmurphy Role In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

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By part three of the book, it becomes evident that McMurphy truly cares for all the patients. He offers the Chief gum when the orderly finds his stash of gum. MuMurphy continues of attempt to bond with Chief. He’s the first person to have a conversation in Chief in a very long time. He ends up taking Chief to the fishing trip without revealing to anyone that Chief isn’t deaf and dumb. These actions prove his loyalty to the patients. McMurphy is to treat Chief like a real human without reveling any of his secrets.

In addition, it becomes clear that McMurphy has not given up the fight against Big Nurse. He continues to push for the fishing trip and all the Acutes back him up. And it’s clear that McMurphy’s presence has made a big impact in
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