Is Odysseus A Hero

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In comic books, the hero saves people and stop crimes. But what is a true hero? To most people, a hero is someone who has superpowers and wears a cool costume, but they’re not. A hero is someone who is admired for their outstanding achievements or for their courage and bravery. A typical hero to the human race would be a handsome man who is really buff and has the name superman. A true hero is someone who is cunning, valiant, and tenacious like Odysseus. Odysseus was a classic hero because he received supernatural help from the gods. For example, when Odysseus arrived in Ithaca after a long period of time, he was informed about the suitors invading his home, eating all of his food and wine, and they were trying to marry his wife. Athena agreed…show more content…
A tragic flaw is something that has a negative impact on the hero, and their journey. Odysseus is a classic hero because he has a fatal flaw. His flaw is his love for women. More than once he was unfaithful towards his wife, Penelope. For example, when he was on Circe’s island, he promised to sleep with her if she would take back the spell she had cast on them. Because of this, his journey was long and problematic. Although this flaw is harmful to him and his family, he has many other flaws show up throughout the whole story. This validates that he is a prototypical hero, because he has a fatal flaw which is one of the characteristics of a typical hero. For instance, while Odysseus was on Calypso’s island and after Hermes had informed Calypso about the “mishap”, Zeus forces Calypso and Odysseus to make love. This proves that Odysseus is a standard hero as a result of his portrayal against his soul mate. This makes him a normal hero, because every hero has a fatal flaw that holds them back from fulfilling their journey. Therefore, Odysseus is a prototypical hero because he frequently proves that he has countless fatal flaws. Another characteristic that all heroes have is overcoming difficult obstacles in order to accomplish their goals. Odysseus faces many obstacles throughout his voyage, and with his brilliance and fearlessness, he conquered them all to reach is goal. This makes Odysseus a typical hero. Odysseus
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