Is Odysseus A Hero

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What makes a hero a hero? If a so-called hero has major flaws, is he still considered a hero?Odysseus did many great and heroic things but some of the things he did make him look less like a hero.Odysseus can be thought of as very brave in the physical and spiritual sense but because of his failure to get his men back home to Ithaca and his unfaithfulness to his wife, he was not truly a hero. Odysseus is thought of as a hero in the physical and spiritual sense because of his bravery while facing the many dangers of creatures, goddesses, and many other things for almost 20 years trying to get home to his wife and son. He never failed to remember his main goal was to get back to his wife and son in Ithaca.Odysseus was brave enough to conquer these many obstacles on his way home. He never gave up trying to get back home to Ithaca.“Cyclops, if ever mortal man inquire/ how you were put to shame and blinded, tell him/Odysseus, raider of lost cities, took your eye: Laertes son, whose home’s on Ithaca.” (1062)This shows that Odysseus is brave because he fights the…show more content…
Although he never tried getting home to Penelope and Telemachus, he slept with so many women and goddesses along his way. While back at home, Penelope was very faithful. She had many young good-looking suitors at her door, she never slept with any of them, even when everyone said Odysseus was dead.Because Odysseus was not loyal to his wife shows he was not a very good man. He's not a "hero", the one thing he was meant to do was get back to his home and he did not even do that without sleeping with a bunch of women."I fed him, loved him, sang that he should not die nor grow old, ever, in all the days to come."(333)Odysseus slept with Kalypso, along with many other women. He was very unloyal to Penelope.Odysseus was considered a hero by many, but because of his flaws like being unfaithful to Penelope I do not consider him a
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