Is Odysseus A Hero Or A Villain Essay

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Is Odysseus a hero or a villain? In my eyes he is a hero struggling to do the best he can but often finds things don't always go as planned. One of the many reasons I believe this is because he shows that he cares for his comrades. He tried at great measures to help his men return home to Ithaca alive. When he faced the Cyclops he stabbed his eye, so the men could get away.The crewmen then escape the cyclops's cave by riding under the bellies of the cyclops's rams as Odysseus even ties each and every one of them to a ram by himself. Another example of him showing care towards his comrades was when Odysseus warns his crewmen of the potential dangers that awaits them if they happen to harm the cattle of Helios the Sun God. So those are just a few instances in the story where he shows compassion for his comrades and truly cares about them.
Another reason he is a hero is he also uses his cunning characteristic to aid him on their journey home. For example, he tells the cyclops his name is “no-man” so when he calls out for help he won't alert the other
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An example of this is when he tells himself he is going to bring all his men home safe, but he later finds out that he will be the only one return home. As a hero that his very hard on him but it's not his fault. Not every hero can be perfect and that is why I believe he is still a hero and has all the necessary proof to prove it. He is loving and compassionate to his family and comrades. He is smart and cunning which helps him think on the spot to save his friends. Lastly, he believes in justice as well as doing the right thing. If the proof isn't already enough, The Odyssey is an epic which means it is based off of a hero on a quest which is quite obvious it is odysseus. So that Is why I think Odysseus deserves the title of a

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