Is Odysseus A Real War Hero In The Odyssey By Homer

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Is Odysseus a real war hero? Did he actually like his crew or did he have them as bait so he could get himself home? The book The Odyssey by Homer and translated by Robert Fitzgerald, is an epic that is truly epic. The main character Odysseus and his crew are on their journey back from Troy after they have become war heroes. They have to face many dangerous creatures and gods to get home. Odysseus of course was the leader of the war and had the biggest impact on it, but he does have his rough times. In the book The Odyssey, Odysseus is courageous, persistent but sadly also very conceited.
Odysseus is a courageous and brave man because he spoke to the cyclops and he tricked and injured the cyclops. Odysseus shows this courage when he says to the cyclops, “ We are from Troy, Archaeans, blown off course by shifting gales on the Great South Sea.” ( Fitzgerald 495). Even though he was talking to a frightening one eyed monster Odysseus still had the courage to talk to him. Odysseus is the leader that will show courage when no one else will. Additionally, Odysseus had tricked the cyclops with wine and then injured him. Odysseus and his men had, “ bored that great eye socket while blood ran out around the red-hot bar. Eyelid and leask were seared; the pierced ball hissed broiling, and the roots popped” ( Fitzgerald 499). Odysseus was the leader that would put his life in danger for his crew. He would even trick and hurt a cyclops for them.
Although Odysseus was eager to get home
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