Is Oj Simpson Guilty

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O.J Simpson, or also known as, “The Juice”, is beyond guilty for the crimes he was accused of, even though he was found not guilty. Many people think he is innocent then again many people think he is guilty. Whenever someone hears his name, the heinous crime he was accused for comes to mind. Yes O.J was a father and a beloved human before all the commotion went about, but does that mean people should automatically not suspect him due to his “wonderful appearance.” People thought the best of O.J. He was handsome, a professional football player, an actor, and a father. But on June 12th, 1994, that changed. The bodies of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were found outside her condominium, stabbed to death. Orenthal James Simpson, or…show more content…
When DNA is found, it puts the case on a new level. DNA analyst and investigators have a specific job to find evidence on or at the crime scene. Lead prosecutor, Marcia Clark, as she was the one that found the glove at the scene and the glove on his property, also stumble across some DNA. DNA was matched and tracked back to O.J. Blood stains left behind were 100% traced back to Mr. Simpson. To me, that screams guilty. On the opposing side, people who think he is innocent might come to say that they only assumed he was guilty because he was african american and that the prosecutors were just racist. The glove found at the scene and the matching one found on his property, does not fit his hand. O.J. had very big hands and he could only fit the glove on 75% of his hand. He also paid all the fines to the victims family with no argument or trouble what-so-ever. All in all O.J. is as guilty as the day is long. Yes his image was a loving, wonderful, self aware father, but do we really know the real O.J.? Can you 100% say, and back up, that O.J. was not capable of doing this to the “women he loved” and the innocent friend that lost her life along with Nicole? I can not say that. O.J. committed the crime of the century. We never really know someone until they get angry and show their true colors.

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