Is Okonkwo A Tragic Hero Analysis

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The novel “Thing Fall Apart” is written by Chinua Achebe and he is one of the most well known contemporary writers from Africa. The books describes the life of the protagonist Okonkwo and illustrate the coming of white missionaries in Nigeria and its impact on traditional Igbo society, clash cultures and the violent transition in life and change in values brought by the onset of British colonialism in the nineteen century.Okonkwo the main protagonist character is beautifully presented in the novel as a tragic hero. This easy will basically discuss how and why he is considers as a tragic hero in the novel.

Aristotle he define tragic hero as a person who should come from Noble family, neither virtuous nor villain but should be an intermediate person. Tragic hero has a tragic flaws there by commits a crime in which he suffer, realized his mistake and ultimately his death. After his death than evokes pity and fear from audience to the down fall of the hero.Okonkwo possess above characters so he can be said as tragic hero.
The first characteristic which tragic hero need is that the character must be man of high status or noble. “Things Fall Apart” is a contemporary
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(pg.117) Even in his first year in exile he had begun to plan for his return and recuperate his lost title, but his plan failed due to white missionaries (pg.161). His arrival was not welcomed by his clansmen and he lost his importance in the clan. One feature of the tragic hero the protagonist suffers due to his crime or mistake he made. He suffers emotional not physical due to mistake he made, from this line we came to know that, Okonkwo really feels low while working in new farm. Work was no longer for him the delightment he used to have for his work, and when there was no work o do he sat in a silent half-sleep (Achebe, 1958, p. 122,
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