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America’s Overlooked Economy The United States is known for training world class athletes. America comes out on top when our athletes compete on the national level. Likewise, this is the case when David Brooks defines our current economic standing. “Is Our Country as Good as Our Athletes?” By David Brooks provides why our economy is just as dominant compared to our athletes. The persuasive article educates the American people when Brooks uses examples of logos, rhetorical question, and tone to explain how our economy is thriving similarly to our Olympic athletes who are bringing home the gold. Brooks begins his persuasive essay comparing Olympic success to the United States economy using the rhetorical device logos to justify his main claim that America’s economy is as strong as our Olympians training facilities. He uses persuasion skills like logos to gain trust from the audience “But America’s success is like our Olympic success, writ large,” (Brooks 8). Brooks adds onto that thought “In fact, American succeeds in global trade about as well as the Olympics,” (Brooks 14). Because of his use of logos he uses, his claim becomes more reasonable to the audience making for a…show more content…
He has the audience arranged to contemplate “Is the greatness of America’s sports reflective of the country’s strong institutions generally, or is it more like the Soviet Union’s sports greatness, a Potemkin show masking national rot?” (Brooks 7). Brooks has the American people using rational judgement to think about his point later admitting “Well, if you step outside the pall of the angry campaign rhetoric, you see that America’s institutions are generally quite strong,” (Brooks 8). The use of the rhetoric question makes Brooks claim stating that our institutions in the economy are not as hopeless as they are portrayed to
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