Is Pluto A Planet

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Is Pluto A Planet? How do I know if Pluto is a planet? How do I know if it is not a meteor? Pluto is considered a piece of icy rock that humans know little to nothing about. However, NASA has been doing research on Pluto since the year it was founded. Speaking of which, Pluto was founded in 1931. But in all honesty, who are we to say if Pluto is a planet? We didn’t create the universe. We don’t control the planets and everything that they do. Pluto has been placed in many categories. It has been placed in the Plutoid category with other Plutoids like Orcus and Quaoar. It also has been placed in Trans-Neptunian object category with Eris, Sedna, and Haumea. (“Solar”) But the category of Dwarf planet will always be associated will Pluto. The…show more content…
(“New Horizons”) This spacecraft took photos of Pluto’s surface. The photos showed me that Pluto is a medium-sized piece of icy rock. But then scientists have discovered something while looking at the new photos of Pluto. Something that was unbelievably unimaginable. The discovery was Pluto’s surfaces were new. Scientists have yet to determine why Pluto’s surfaces are new. That’s interesting because most planet are beat up by asteroids and meteor rocks throughout there exist. Could Pluto existence be from a large piece of another planet? Like most of the other planets, Pluto has several moons. The moons are named Charon, Nix, Hydra, Kerberos, and Styx. (“Pluto”) Pluto’s largest moon is Charon because of it been half the size of Pluto. Charon, or as some call it Pluto I, was established by an astronomer by the name of James W. Christy. It was named after the boatman in Greek mythology who purpose is to guide the dead through the River Styx. It is 748 miles. Charon is covered with water ice, as some people believe. Fantastic! A frozen moon orbiting a planet that’s existence is still…show more content…
That’s 162 years from now. I’ll be dead before Pluto before Pluto complete it’s orbit. That sucks. That could mean that my children’s children’s children’s children’s children will have children. I need to take in enough information now while it becoming available. May I can show my grand children how this discovery ends. January 19th, 2006, Pluto Probe ‘New Horizons’, was launched. Its mission was to answer questions about Dwarf planet, Pluto. Pluto’s curiosity since 1931 has grown and now this probe will answer a lot of questions that still known to us. The excitement builds as the probe reaches its destination. Will finally have the answers to questions we have waiting for? What I know from my research that Pluto has a lot of substance things I did not know about until now. Pluto has huge mountains and I know from the probe is remains the smallest planet in the s system. My sources tell me is a Dwarf planet because of its relative size to Mercury. It’s a planet because it has and orbits and moons that orbit it. It does one less moon then I thought but more than that it’s my little mystery planet. I will enjoy learning more about this small in statue but large in mystery planet. Because of its size compared to Mercury, it’s still a Dwarf planet. I learned it has less moons, but continues to have lots of
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