Is Police Brutalityity Affected By Police Brutality?

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Whenever officers feel endangered, they automatically turn to their weapons. Recently, guns have been a major problem because officers feel that it is the only way they are able to defend themselves. Sometimes abusing the power of guns. Police brutality occurs because officers feel unsure of where the situation will go if they do not take a stand before problems begin to worsen. Police are already seen as the higher power. However they do not want to be looked down upon, so if they are lenient on certain situations, people aren 't going to do as they say. Officers can feel more in threat to people of color because of past experiences they have seen, officers are aware people of color can defend themselves and they are not going to let themselves be mistreated. Instances of police brutality. A report by Center for Policing…show more content…
In the first systematic study of police brutality in 1971, it was found that the overall rate of unwarranted force to be low: about 1% of all encounters with citizens. An example where brutality was necessary is when police officers have guns being aimed at them or if the person is going to harm another victim. When situations like this happen the media most of the time does not show the full story. Our view of police brutality is affected by the media in the sense that nowadays, when something happens, people pull out their phones and all they see is the “bad” part of what’s going on. The reason the media does this is to get the attention of the people. Media shapes our image today because most people gain all of their knowledge by watching television shows or certain news channels. Social media is changing the game for governments under pressure. In fact, social media cannot prevent police brutality on its own. It is needed to regulate the legitimate use of force in democratic

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