Advantages Of Public School

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Public school: The right choice to make
A person’s childhood is very important especially when making decisions, interacting with others or any other normal everyday activity. These essentials are left out by parents when putting their kids in homeschool. Public school provides many more benefits for a student. Public school is more beneficial for a student than homeschool for the following reasons: social skills, cost, and opportunities. Social skills is possibly the most important skill learned at public school other than actual learning. The social skills learned at school can be applied to everything that the students will do for the rest of their life. It is believed that it essential for students learn to interact with each other. Without
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Although this seems like it would be a parental issue but most children also worry about cost. Cost can scare a child and make them more stressed. If the student is not pressured as much then the student will improve faster. On average it costs about $900 per person for homeschooling while public school is included in taxes. And even the parents who homeschool their children have to pay the same amount of taxes(HSLDA). Not only is there a high cost in money but also a high cost in the mental sacrifice required. If a parent were to homeschool than planning the lessons, field trips, and to organize outdoor activities takes a serious toll on their mental state. This can be manually damaging for the teacher let alone the detrimental effects it would have on the student. One last cost that proves that public school is more beneficial is the physical cost. Without a regular gym class many students would not regularly exercise. There is a higher percentage of obesity in students that are homeschooled rather than public school. This is due to the non strict requirements of physical activities for…show more content…
Some people say wrongfully that the test score results prove that homeschooled students are smarter. Although test scores are higher for homeschoolers, this average does not show the intelligence of a singular student. The test scores are easier to keep high due to the small percentage of people who are actually homeschooled. Because of the small number of homeschoolers, the scores compared to public school is not fair and cannot be used to compare to public school with more than half of the population of America. Some people also argue that homeschooling is more beneficial than public school is that there is less bullying that occurs. Although bullying doe primarily happen at school, it does not only occur at school. Bullying can happen anywhere that there are people therefore bullying is not a reasonable argument further proving that public school is more beneficial than homeschool. One last and most common argument made is that there is a one-on-one learning environment for the student. Some believe that this is beneficial for the student but it does not prepare the student for the future. It is a well known fact that parents love their children and they want the best for them but a one-on-one learning environment can actually be detrimental. Giving a student all of the attention does not prepare a student for the future. Not teaching a student
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