Is Public Schools Better Than Home School Essay

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Do you think the public school are better than home-school? Nowadays education is one of the basic necessary of life. All children have a right to get good education. When comes to education of children all the parents want to make sure they have best education possible. They have two choices including public schools and home school. Should students study in home schools or private schools has long topic of discussion. Different people have different opinion about this topic. Some believe homeschools are better for their children. In home schools parents are intimately involved in their children’s education also in each and every detail of their life. They also believe that home school children spend their time with their parents and they get the time to learn from their parents experience. Public schools are much better option as compared to home schools. Students should study in public school education for many reasons such as, socializing between students, better education and different teachers in school.

The first reason is why students study in public school because
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In fact, public schools have a lot of activities inside or outside school. For example, the activities outside the schools are better for students to give them more energy to study hard. In the same point, schools are making journey for students such as, scientific center, book fair and students who are senior they go to the university. Nowadays, the education becomes development for the new generation because this generation knows how to learn with the technology. For example, in public school put for students a smart board and give them a tablet to study from it. Also, students do not feeling bored when they have a smart thing because the smart thing is more interesting. So, the education is every year become well instead of last year and also, the education has a bond with the

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