Is Ralph A Good Leader In Lord Of The Flies

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“Well, we won’t be painted,” said Ralph, “because we aren’t savages” (172). There are many great leaders all over the world. To be a great leader one must have certain qualities including, being courageous, being responsible, willing to take charge, having all priorities straight on the important things, have determination, and many more. In Lord of the Flies, Ralph shows all of these characteristics and a few more. Out of every boy on the island, Ralph would be the best choice as leader. For example, Ralph is not reckless with his decisions that he thinks would be best for everyone on the island. Unlike Ralph, most of the boys on the island do not think things through completely and end up with some sort of mess in the end. He also does not…show more content…
That is simply not true because if they did not get rescued, then Jack could have been responsible for yet another death and he would have burnt all of their food, resources, shelters, any supplies they would need, etc. and they would eventually die before being rescued. There would be nothing left on the island that is not burnt to a crisp. If Ralph was leader, then Simon nor Piggy would have been killed and there would still be some civilization on the island. The island would not be a mess and it would be somewhat organized. Also, at the beginning of the book it was Ralph’s idea to blow the conch and call a meeting to get everything figured out. “That’s why Ralph made a meeting. So as we can decide what to do” (21). Later on in the book, Jack is very reckless and irresponsible as well. Ralph made it one of Jack’s job to help keep the signal fire going so they could get rescued but he ended up letting the fire go out because he was busy killing pig. When Ralph found out he was furious with Jack. “There was a ship. Out there. You said you’d keep the fire going and you let it out! They might have seen us. We might have gone home-”
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