Is Rudy A Hero

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Rudy, a hero or not? Have you ever wondered how it would be like when everyone around you, even your family laughed at your dream thinking that it would be impossible to be achieved by you? There was a boy named Rudy Ruettiger who fought those discouragements and proudly achieved his dream of being a football player. The movie Rudy directed by David Anspaugh was introduced in 1993. It is based on a true story of an inspiring young man named, Rudy Ruettiger. Rudy Ruettiger desperately wanted to be a part of the University of Notre Dame 's football team and through a lot of hardships, he became one of the most inspiring football players in American history. Considering Rudy a hero, on the other hand, might require some more thinking,…show more content…
His story starts with a disadvantage and he is called to adventure by a tragic event. As a boy, Rudy is small in size compared to other kids in his age and his high school grades were not good at all. These conditions prevent him from going to the University of Notre Dame in order to join his dream football team and disadvantages him from playing against other players in football games. However, Rudy does not give up his dream and his best friend named, Pete, always encourages his dream. When Peter passes away in a tragic accident in a steel mill, that Rudy gets called into adventure. This event triggers Rudy to leave home and head to the University of Notre Dame in order to achieve his dream, regardless of his situation working against him. During the stage of separation, Rudy sets aside all the disadvantages and insists on being a football player at the University of Notre Dame, a dream finally initiated by his friend’s…show more content…
After becoming a hero of the Notre Dame football team, Rudy graduates the University of Notre Dame and returns home. From here, the film does not go into a lot of detail, but Rudy is recognized by every football fan in the U.S. and has inspired thousands of potential football players and many other people. Even to this day, his story is recognized and put into movies and films. Although not a player anymore, Rudy is an inspiration to both the two "worlds" of football and non-football. Rudy has become a real football hero and his story has become widely known to people, ending the story with a decent heroic
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